When you think about your life; you’re most likely thinking of the experiences/memories you’ve had, the places you’ve been or things you’ve seen. Are you thinking of how you got there? The thousands of miles we’ve walked over the years or all of the things our hands have touched or allowed us to do? Held babies, driven cars, built houses.

Our body is our first means of transportation through life. We have to honor it, care for it and give it the respect it deserves. It is tough and it is resilient, and it can push harder and go further even when we think otherwise.

Karl Metzer is a perfect example of someone who without a doubt has pushed his body to the limit. He is an ultra runner, which is someone who runs further than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. This man ran the Appalachian Trail in 46 days. That is 2,190 miles. He was able to train his body and mind to do this, he pushed his limit and broke through his glass ceiling. People want to know what they are capable of, whether it be running a mile or meditating for 30 minutes.

As a near 30-year-old I am only now really becoming grateful and understanding what my body does for me. How I started to become more in tune with my body really started when I became a massage therapist. I was using my body in a way I never had before. My senses were heightened, my muscles were sore and I could actually feel the energy of someone else when working on them. Nothing had really affected me like that before.

The more massage I gave and received opened my eyes even more to things like where my shoulders were sore or the way I walked because one hip was higher than the other. All of this awareness was new to me, and it’s only increased since then. That’s when I started to make healthier life choices and now I am very much in tune with my body and I encourage my clients to feel the same about themselves. Where do I tell them to start? Stop ignoring what your body is telling you!!

I get a lot of clients who have no idea that their back was bothering them until I started working in that area, or they were unaware that they had a huge rash on the back of their leg. It’s easy to be out of touch with what your feeling. We all live life so fast-paced that we don’t ‘have time’ to be sick or ‘have time’ to exercise. You have to make the time for you, plain and simple. Set your self up for success: rise earlier, drink more water, exercise, spend more time outside… it’s all the stuff we keep hearing people repeat. Creating positive habits that work for you and your body is the only way you’ll succeed at gaining a new respect for yourself. How can we pour from an empty cup, right?

We all start somewhere, and we have all been at that the crossroad of making big changes. Sometimes it’s a smooth transition, sometimes it’s difficult and exhausting, but you can’t give up. That’s when your mental attitude has to be its strongest and everything else will follow.