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Fairhaven’s Best Chiropractor Helping You Get Out Of Pain Fast & Naturally So You Can Get Back To The Life You Deserve

Chiropractic • Functional Physical Therapy • Weight Loss

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Are You Looking For A More Natural, Holistic Solution To Your Health Problems?

Are you feeling older than your age?

Have you tried losing weight but just can't keep it off?

Are your muscles tired and achy all the time?

Are you finding you just can't seem to do the things you used to?

Are you feeling tired and sluggish?

Do you want to know how to eat to fuel your body efficiently?

Are headaches interfering with your family & work interactions?

Are you worried this problem won't get better?

“I have been going to Barley Wellness…for 11 years and I would never choose another chiropractor! Everyone there is so personable, friendly, professional, and makes things as easy as possible to get in and out for appointments. They have updated many things over the years including adding text reminders for appointments and are flexible about rescheduling. I highly recommend Barley Wellness to anyone looking for the different services they provide”

Jenna E.


Discover The Root Cause

Stop masking your symptoms and find the underlying problem that is causing your symptoms, so we can fix it long term as opposed to chasing our tail.

Function Better

Addressing the root cause of the problem and creating a unique home care plan will keep the pain at bay and allow you to function at your best for the long haul.

Healthier Lifestyle

Once the root cause of the problem is discovered and corrective action taken, we can help you create new habits to live the life you deserve.

Barley Wellness Helps With All Types of Conditions In Fairhaven, MA

Dedicated to helping your YOU, become your BEST YOU!
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Discover How Barley Wellness Has Helped People Like You Increase Their Energy & Vitality And Live Life To The Fullest

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What Makes Barley Wellness So Different?

Our dedicated staff uses high-touch, high-tech advanced treatment options through a variety of medically developed programs to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

Our motto is: “If we can help you we’ll tell you that, if we can’t we’ll tell you that too.”

A chiropractor will diagnose the root cause of your problem and give you a full report of findings as to your treatment options that not only get you out of pain quickly, but correct the underlying cause for long-term sustained health. If we cannot help, we are quick to refer you for the appropriate test or care.

Each chiropractor cares about improving your health and increasing your energy.  We want you to feel younger and live the life you deserve so your family and your work do not suffer.

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The chiropractor will use multiple services to get you well quickly and effectively. You will find a large range of equipment and services that deliver state-of-the-art, evidence-based, natural healthcare.

We’ve been serving the Fairhaven and Greater New Bedford area for over 35 years and in that time we have consistently found ways to help our patients by adding more healing services such as chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitation, chiropractic sports medicine, infrared sauna, weight loss, CBD liquids and creams, and nutritional supplementation.

One of our biggest additions was the Ideal Protein weight loss program shown in peer-reviewed studies to not only help participants lose weight easily and maintain it long-term but naturally improve their metabolic health. With the health of their prescriber, we see many patients reduce or eliminate their use of medication for issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglyceride levels, and diabetes. Studies indicate that a mere 10% of total body weight loss can have a positive effect on one’s health.

We have four providers on staff to help you and your family’s needs. We are open six days a week with very flexible hours and we accept most insurance plans. Our staff will happily check to see if your insurance covers our care. If not we have other care plans.

We are here to help you no matter if your health goal is large or small. Some people come to us with a problem they just woke up with and others want to turn their whole life around. We will meet you where you are to bring about the change you are looking for on your journey to optimal health.


"Life looks better now because I have tons of energy, I got all new clothes, and my wife keeps telling me I look great!"
Liston K.
Ideal Protein Patient

Liston K.
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"The pain was unbearable...but when I started with Dr. Barley...I really say he is my savior and I have all of these years....He taught me different ways to avoid bringing it back and that's how I've lived my life this whole time....I've stuck with Dr. Barley for over 30 years...I have nothing but praise from him."
Sharon C.
Chiropractic Patient

Sharon C.
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We’ve been honored to help our Fairhaven, New Bedford, and South Coast friends and neighbors enhance their quality of life

Years In Practice
Years of Practitioner Experience
Patients Served

Most policies have Chiropractic Coverage and we are proud providers for all major insurance companies

Most policies have Chiropractic coverage and we are proud providers for all major insurance companies. If you don’t see you insurance here, please call for a complimentary insurance verification.

Tufts Health Plan
Health Net Plan
United Healthcare
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Allways Health Partners

How The Better Results Faster Plan Works

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem

1. We Will Tell You
If We Can Help

A chiropractor will also let you know if we can’t help and advise or refer you to a health care provider that can. We do a thorough complimentary consultation and, if we can help, a comprehensive examination that may include x-rays or other diagnostics.

2. A Customized
Treatment Plan

We use the data collected from our consultation and examination and provide you with a written Report of Findings that your chiropractor explains. We will design a customized care plan that reflects your unique body and situation.

3. Get Back to
Your Life

We initially expect your pain to subside quickly and your overall function and health to undergo correction. A chiropractor works to correct the underlying cause of the problem to fix that “leaky” roof, rather than just place buckets to collect the water.

How Does Barley Wellness Help You Live A Pain Free Life?

Workers Comp Fairhaven MA Near Me

Workers’ Comp

What Could Not Fixing This Problem Cost You?

The cost of any health issue must not only be measured in dollars and cents, but in terms of the quality of life lost. Many times when patients first visit our office they have already tried over-the-counter medications and at-home remedies, perhaps seen other physicians and had other tests. When you visit our office, a chiropractor will look for the cause of your problem not just the pain. Many patients have no idea that they have a subluxation.

A subluxation is a word chiropractors use to describe the loss of movement, swelling/inflammation, nerve root irritation, disc issues, and degenerative changes – like arthritis – at a specific joint level.  Spinal nerve roots not only sense pain, numbness, and tingling sensations when irritated, they can also cause muscle spasms & weakness and some organ & gland dysfunction, all stemming from spinal nerve interference from subluxation.  It is important to rid your body of these subluxations because not only can they cause physical ailments, like a headache or low back pain, but they can also cause visceral issues such as acid reflux, constipation, ear infections, and other problems one would not typically associate with chiropractic care.

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Imagine a garden hose leading to your vegetable garden. If a large rock is sitting on that hose and the garden only gets a daily trickle of water, how good will that garden be in a week, a month, a year? Those beautiful vegetables you were counting on will not flourish. The job of a gardener is to take the rock off of the hose, much like a chiropractor’s job is to take the pressure off of a spinal nerve by removing the subluxation with a procedure called an adjustment.

The spinal nerve roots emanating out between your bones in your neck and back branch millions of times and innervate every gland, muscle, and organ in your body. The nervous system runs your body and the spinal vertebrae protect it. If a vertebra is subluxated you cannot be at your best! Your vitality and energy will drop, and you cannot perform optimally.

What’s the cost of not fixing your problem? It could be quite substantial with past at-home remedies, medical care and tests, and time lost at work; let alone lost “presenteeism” or being able to do your job efficiently. That doesn’t even take into account the priceless quality of life that comes with being able to enjoy your friends and family and do all the things you love to do.

So come see us now, so the cost of this problem doesn’t keep adding up and your energy and vitality leave you less of who you were!

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