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Chiropractic Adjustment Near You Explained In Fairhaven, MA

By July 29, 2022August 5th, 2022No Comments

Hi, I’m Dr. Sheridan and I’m going to be showing you different chiropractic adjustments for neck pain. We’re going to go over what we’re looking for and the different types of techniques that can be used. 

Manual Chiropractic Adjustment Explained In Fairhaven, MA

The most common form of a chiropractic adjustment is a manual adjustment. To initiate, I palpate the spine and see how it feels. I’m looking for fixations and misalignments in the spine, and we will correct those with an adjustment, a manual adjustment, (with our hands.)

Activator Chiropractic Adjustment Explained In Fairhaven, MA

We have what’s called an activator, which is a little tool that we use to move the vertebra. And we put it on the spine and try and move the vertebra with the activator. This is a very gentle form of adjustment and can be very effective.

How A Chiropractic Adjustment Works: Putting It All Together

We’re looking at how the spine moves in different directions in flexion, extension, lateral flexion, and rotation, and when there’s a misalignment, it will be stuck, and it won’t move in a certain direction. And we try and induce that type of movement. 

In this video, I’m feeling here is that we’ve got a misalignment and it’s C three and we’re going to maybe the patient tip this way, and open this up, and then I get contact on C three, and I give a little impulse like this.

A manual adjustment is safe, easy, safer than taking an aspirin. And then afterward we want to just try and relax the muscles. We adjusted the joint and now the appropriate receptors in your spine are going to be firing.

This will help the spine work as a unit and function optimally. 

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