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Headache Relief Through Nutrition from Your Chiropractor in Fairhaven, MA

By March 23, 2022May 5th, 2022No Comments

Hi there. Dr. Dennis Barley, your chiropractor for headaches in Fairhaven, MA. And we’re gonna talk about three foods that can help when you have a headache, and three foods that can harm.

So of the three foods that can harm, many times some people have a reaction to fermented cheeses, you know kimchi, certain foods that are fermented. They may not respond very well to that. So that’s a piece that could be problematic.

If one has too much caffeine, that could create tension headaches if there’s an overload on caffeine.

I’ll talk about caffeine being also a good food to have if you headache, but if you have a headache right now we’re gonna talk about too much caffeine not being the way to go.

The other thing that is harmful is if you’re dehydrated. And again, of course the after partying hangover that also can stimulate a headache, so that you know, excess alcohol also does that.

Nutritional Headache Relief | Fairhaven, MA Chiropractic

First of all, hydration. Avoid excessive alcohol. Hydration.

Now on the one side where we said too much caffeine was bad for headache, on the other side, a little bit of caffeine may be helpful for a headache.

Other supplements like magnesium, which relaxes the muscles, can be helpful.

And so we make sure that we’re hydrated. Not drinking too much alcohol. Magnesium helps. Some B vitamins are very, very helpful.

And that’s what we can do. Three foods that help, and three foods that harm with regard to headaches.

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