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How Intersegmental Traction Table Therapy Provides Amazing Sciatica Treatment In Fairhaven, MA

By July 29, 2022September 6th, 2022No Comments

I’m Dr. Dennis Barley at Barley Wellness here in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Today, we’re talking about sciatica, which is that excruciating lower back into the buttocks down the back of the leg pain all the way into the foot sometimes, and it can stop anywhere along the course of that nerve. 

Common Reasons For Sciatica In Fairhaven, MA

Disc irritation can occur many times with sciatica. There are three different reasons for it, one is a subluxation or misaligned vertebrae irritating a nerve. The other is the piriformis muscle and then there’s also a disc herniation. 

Benefits Of Intersegmental Traction Therapy In Fairhaven, MA

When we’re talking about intersegmental traction a lot of times that will help distract the disc so that some of that disc material can go back to where it belongs. Typically what happens when someone injures their disc, the annular fibers that are protecting that disk actually tear and the fibers in that gel-like material inside the disk extrude and come out which irritates the nerve. 

If sciatica occurs many times it could be due to a disc herniation or a disc bulge. This disc here is showing the herniation where the outer annular fibers of this disc which are interlaced like this, they’ve torn and some of that material has extruded out and is irritating the nerve. 

Intersegmental traction therapy is a great all-natural therapy for sciatica.

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