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Car Accident Recovery Chiropractor In Fairhaven, MA

By March 13, 2023No Comments
Car Accident Recovery Chiropractor In Fairhaven, MA

The Best Car Accident Recovery | Personal Injury Chiropractor in Fairhaven, MA

Hi, Dr. Soucie here at Barley Wellness, I want to talk about just personal injury cases, specifically, car accidents. No one wants them, they happen. That’s why they call them accidents. And the unfortunate part is even going 10 miles an hour, five miles an hour, you can still be injured.

Deylayed Onset of Car Accident Injuries

One of the things people don’t understand is you have a car accident, you feel fine that day, two, three days later, you start having some pain. So it’s really important anytime you have a car accident, whether there’s car damage or not, get yourself checked out. Additionally, there are a lot of injuries that can happen with a car accident and a lot of different symptoms. You get anything from neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, dizziness, vertigo, back pain, I had shoulder pain, I’ve had people get knee pain because of knees hit the dash. So it’s really, really critical in the first week or so, hopefully 72 hours for you to get checked out. What we do here in our office is we do a thorough orthopedic and neurologic exam, we take x rays, we follow up we examine every area of complaint we design treatment plans specifically for you. We deal with the pain and inflammation by using E stem and ultrasound. We do gentle adjusting and we give you physical exercises as you approve so that you will be restored back to your pre injury status. One of the things is really important is to follow through on your care. Your insurance company definitely pays for the care. It doesn’t have to be pre-approved, but you have to follow through and make sure you take care of yourself because you have a window of time within within which to follow through and get the help you need.
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