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How We Treat Neuropathy In Fairhaven, MA

By March 13, 2023No Comments
How We Treat Neuropathy Chiropractor In Fairhaven, MA

How We Treat Neuropathy at Barley Wellness | Chiropractor for Neuropathy in Fairhaven, MA

Hey everyone. I’m Dr. Dennis Barley here at Barley Wellness and today I’m going to talk about how we take care of neuropathy at Barley Wellness in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

We Conduct a Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

First we’re going to do an in depth consultation with you to find out exactly, we’re gonna listen to you and discover how your neuropathy has been affecting your life. We’re going to do a health history or health profile where we we assess your overall health. We will do a complete neuro musculoskeletal examination to determine any sensory meaning your sensation, or motor muscular deficits that you may have from the neuropathy and we get to the bottom line of how the neuropathy is affecting your life. How do we treat neuropathy it barley wellness?

Chiropractic Care

Number one, we’re utilizing chiropractic care of course, a sound nervous system must be priority one for any nerve problem. And so injuries to the nervous system and affects the function of those nerves and we want you to be an optimal health. So we check on the neuro neurological the neuro musculoskeletal functional efficiency of your of your, of your spine and nervous system. So we’re gonna make sure that the message from the brain through the spinal cord to those peripheral nerves is at its optimum.

Diet and Nutrition

Secondarily, we look at something quite very important for any type of neuropathy and many times you may not have been told this but diet and diet and nutrition are vitally important. diet and nutrition are vitally important. For a sound nervous system. The number one cause of neuropathy is diabetes, and the underlying cause of diabetes is insulin resistance. And with our dietary nutrition methods in our office, we get to the source of the core of that insulin resistance to ensure improve no blood sugar, which damages nerves and improve the blood flow, which may be affecting the nerves causing neuropathy. Many times again, like I said before, this is not addressed in in normal normal care. So diet nutrition is one of the primary causes of your neuropathy.

Red Light Therapy

We also do something called Red Light Therapy, it creates more energy for these powerhouses in your cells called the mitochondria. Red Light Therapy has been useful to improve those power plants to give you more energy to give more energy to the nervous system and the nerves that are damaged and also to decrease inflammation and increased blood flow. And so we use red light therapy also. There are some other therapies we use here at Barley Wellness such as infrared sauna, and electrical stimulation to regenerate and help those nerves also.

Barley Wellness

Our dedicated staff uses high-touch, high-tech advanced treatment options through a variety of medically developed programs to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

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