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Why Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy is Vital | Prenatal Chiropractor in Fairhaven, MA

Hi, I’m Dr. Sheridan, and I’m here to talk to you about chiropractic and pregnancy today.

When You Should Start Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy

First of all, it’s safe. It’s safe for the mom and the baby. And it’s just going to help with a better delivery. And what we want to talk about is when to start chiropractic during your pregnancy. And if you can get here before you’re pregnant, that’d be great. So we can get you in shape before you before you start your journey. But during that first trimester would be a great time too. That is when your body’s going through those initial changes and increasing the hormone relaxin in your body. And that’s when the joints start to loosen a little bit, we want to make sure that nothing gets too out of alignment.

We Utilize The Webster Technique for a Breech Baby

Another time that chiropractic comes in handy is when the baby might be breech. There’s a great technique called the Webster technique in chiropractic that helps the baby allow the baby to turn later in the in the third trimester so we can have a safe delivery. And it’s just about chiropractics about helping your body during that time, and even postpartum to come back together again. And be as healthy as you can be during that process and heal up after you have a fantastic baby at the end.

So if you need some help, come on in. We’ll try and help you out. Thanks!

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