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How to Stop the Vertigo Spins in Fairhaven, MA

How to Stop the Vertigo Spins Chiropractor for Vertigo in Fairhaven, MA

How to Stop the Vertigo Spins | Chiropractor for Vertigo in Fairhaven, MA

Hi, my name is Dr. Theresa Soucie from Barley Wellness, I want to talk to you a little bit about cervicogenic vertigo or vertigo in general.

Common Vertigo Symptoms

True vertigo was a sense of the room is spinning around you. A lot of people come in and say they’re dealing with dizziness and actual dizziness is like feeling lightheaded. Feeling faint, that’s more what dizziness is or you feel disoriented. Vertigo is, when the room is spinning. There’s a few different reasons for you to have vertigo.

Types and Causes of Vertigo

One of the most common ones is called benign positional vertigo, it comes from the inner ear, there’s little canals that go in different directions, and there’s fluid in there. And as the fluid whirls, it tells your brain, what position your body is in space. Sometimes there’s a little bit of settlement that crystallizes out of that. So when you move your head at whirls and stops, and you get that feeling like you’re have vertigo, because your brain can’t tell what position your head is in space. We can treat that here at Barley Wellness, we do a procedure called Epley Maneuver, and it helps that settlement settle down.

Cervicogenic Vertigo Treatment

One of the more common forms of vertigo is cervicogenic vertigo. Not a lot of people know about that. The top three vertebra in your neck actually have a lot of nerve endings in it to tell your brain what position your head is in space because you have a reflex called the righting reflex that wants to keep your eyes level on the horizon. When the joints in the upper neck aren’t moving well. The position that your brain perceives doesn’t agree with your eyes and you get that vertigo feeling. So oftentimes, we can help that resolve by doing chiropractic adjustments and giving you exercises. One of the things that we do do when you come in is we try to figure out what the cause is for your vertigo. So we do an orthopedic and neurologic exam, we take x rays.

Vertigo Treatment for Meniere’s Disease

There are a couple other reasons why someone might have vertigo. Sometimes those little canals I talked about earlier, become inflamed, and that usually need some anti-inflammatories that’s called Meniere’s disease. You can also get vertigo with some sickness, some sinus problems.

So when you come in, we definitely figure out what the causes of your vertigo. Oftentimes if you have those misalignments and part of your neck you made your symptoms may vacillate you may get vertigo, you may feel like you’re lightheaded, you may feel like you feel a little disoriented and clumsy. Some people have a hard time focusing with their eyes. Some people get ringing in their ears, all that and even migraines can be related to your neck not moving well. And we treat that condition every day. Thank you!

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