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Chiropractic Stops Low Back Pain in Fairhaven, MA

By February 24, 2022May 5th, 2022No Comments

Hi there. Dr. Barley here, your chiropractor for low back pain in Fairhaven, MA.

At Barley Wellness, we will determine if you have a subluxation of your spine. And a subluxation means when a vertebra has misaligned, irritated a nerve, caused a lot of inflammation, muscle spasm. We’ll determine whether you have a disc problem or not through orthopedic and neurological testing.

But what we do for a patient who has low back pain is many times we’ll realign the spine, adjust the spine. If you were to look at the spine and a vertebra is misaligned, irritating a nerve, our job is to return it there. The problem is your muscles are so used to this position that this will occur.

So initially you may have an increased frequency of care initially, and as you’re starting to respond, it gets less and less.

And then eventually what we want to do is try to stabilize the new position so it’s not irritating the nerve.

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Treatment in Fairhaven, MA

And we want to make sure that that’s done through either we’re doing some therapy on those muscles that are in spasm. And then we’re working to strengthen muscles around that new area, that new realignment we should call it or subluxation correction.

And as we do that, we want to make sure that you are stabilizing your spine.

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