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Eliminate Low Back Pain with Chiropractic in Fairhaven, MA

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I’m Dr. Dennis Barley here at Barley Wellness, your chiropractic for low back pain in Fairhaven, MA.

So many people come into our office with lower-back pain; could be from an injury at work or a sporting injury, you name it, sometimes just a heavy lift and a twist will do that.

In your lower back you’ve got these spinal vertebrae, in between these vertebrae are these discs, and these discs can sometimes get irritated through a heavy lift or twist or trauma.

When that happens, it can irritate a spinal nerve root, which will then irritate muscles and cause inflammation and muscle spasm.

Chiropractic Low Back Pain Assessment in Fairhaven, MA

At Barley Wellness, what we do first is we have you come in and do a history form on how your injury occurred or get some background on your health.

And then from there, we’ll do a consultation and examination and then we’ll take digital x-rays if necessary and then give you a specific report of findings based on what we found. We always say, if we can help you, you’re gonna know that at the report of findings, if we can’t, we’ll tell you that too and tell you where you can get some help.

Low Back Pain Therapies with Chiropractic in Fairhaven, MA

We utilize multiple therapies in the office; spinal adjustments to correct spinal subluxations. We also utilize some physical therapy. We’ll use an ultrasound to relax and warm up the muscles or electrical stimulation, again, for muscle relaxation. We use cryotherapy to decrease inflammation. We’ll do sometimes instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization, intersegmental traction, and many times a person may need some micronutrients.

For antioxidants to clean up the area of any kind of inflammation, we use omega-three fatty acids sometimes for reduction of inflammation. We use magnesium to reduce muscle spasm and CBD for pain; we have some CBD… we do have some CBD creams, etc, some drops for discomfort also.

We also, when we correct the problem, we will then rehabilitate it with exercise. We do it in-house and also we give you some exercises to do at home.

So there’s multiple facets of our treatment protocol for you, but it’s based on you as the individual; so one size does not fit all. Some people will require all of these things, some people require only a few of these things.

Barley Wellness

Our dedicated staff uses high-touch, high-tech advanced treatment options through a variety of medically developed programs to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

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