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Infrared Sauna Therapy for Neuropathy Relief | Chiropractor for Neuropathy in Fairhaven, MA

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Dennis Barley at Barley Wellness. Today I’m going to talk to you about infrared sauna for your neuropathy symptoms.

How Infrared Sauna Helps Neuropathy

Infrared Sauna has been known to stimulate angiogenesis or new blood vessel form formation. What why that’s important is because many of the nerves that contribute to your peripheral neuropathy have not been functioning at their optimum. They have a lack of blood flow, if there’s diabetes or blood sugar issues, that is affecting those nerves adversely, and by using an infrared sauna, we can help the blood flow to those those areas where those nerves are being affected. All right, we’ll talk to you soon!

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