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Knee Pain Treatment Chiropractor in Fairhaven, MA

By November 15, 2022No Comments
Knee pain treatment chiropractor Fairhaven MA

Knee Pain Treatment Chiropractor at Barley Wellness | Chiropractor for Athletes in Fairhaven, MA

Hi, I’m Dr. Sheridan here at Barley Wellness, and I’m going to talk to you about knee pain today. And knee pain, it’s a very common occurrence. Approximately one in three Americans have knee pain at some point in time in their in their lives.

So there’s several reasons for that. One might be an acute injury, where you tear your ACL or something, or meniscus, something like that. Or there’s some overuse injuries that might cause it. But there’s also some issues with lack of use where you are deconditioning your knee and then asking you to do something that it’s having trouble to do. So all of those things lead to degenerative changes in your knee. And when we talk about degenerative changes, we’re talking about narrowing of the joint space, and a little more grinding, wearing out of the soft tissues, and maybe some arthritic changes in the knee. And we’d like to talk about how chiropractic can try and alleviate that for you.

By adjusting the knee, you kind of create some space in the knee, and you also stimulate the healing process. So it will speed up the healing process. And it also increase your range of motion. So those are all good things for your knee. While we’re assessing the knee, we’re going to also look at the hip joint, and then the ankle joint. And also the lumbar spine because of course the lumbar spine, the nerves come out of your lumbar spine and innovate up. So they’ll be critical to your, you’re gonna be getting better. So at this time, I’m going to try and demonstrate an adjustment for you of the knee. And but if you have any issues with your day, and you’d like to try out chiropractic, why don’t you just give us a call. When adjusting the knee, one way to adjust the knee is to just increase flexion in the knee. So what we’ll try and do is create that flexion and create a little space in that joint by adding a little pulse and increasing that range of motion.

Also, if there were an issue with internal external rotation, we could add a little a little, this little end to internal or external. So those are some simple things that we would do. And again, it’s we’d be looking at the lumbar spine. We’d be looking at the the hip and the pelvis and the ankle to make sure that that whole kinematic chain works smoothly.

Thanks for watching and we will see you next time.

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