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Natural Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Relief in Fairhaven, MA

By July 25, 2023No Comments
Natural Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Relief | Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel in Fairhaven, MA Near Me

Natural Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Relief | Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel in Fairhaven, MA

So we’re gonna go over some therapies today that we do in our office for people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Soft Tissue Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Relief

One of the therapies is working on the soft tissue. And what I mean by that is the forearm musculature, and musculature leading into the hands and wrist. It’s a critical component of treating carpal tunnel syndrome, as it helps the muscles function more normally, many muscles and tendons pass through this carpal tunnel that can negatively affect get negatively affected by inflammation. So when we utilize these therapies like ultrasound, or muscle therapy, using an instrument or not, and also something called Alpha stim, we’re helping alleviate those tight muscles reducing tension and restoring normal function back into that area of the wrist that’s giving the patient problems, non instrument assisted myofascial work utilizes utilized by us at barly wellness, we alleviate muscle muscle tension, fascial, intendant, adhesions and dysfunction, which can improve the the symptoms of carpal tunnel, and also reduce some of the inflammation.

Ultrasound for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

So the first thing we’ll do or illustrate is ultrasound. And with my hand model, we’re just going to basically use the upper forearm muscles here, okay, through the these muscles in the in the underside of the arm, so the extending extensor muscles and the flexor muscles, and we’ll apply a gel on the skin and then do mild short term ultrasound and ultrasound therapy applied to this area can may may induce a reduction in inflammation, will will apply some, you know gel again, and use moving ultrasound to reduce inflammation here, there was a study actually by a fellow named Evan Beckler and colleagues and they conducted a controlled clinical trial using ultrasound for carpal tunnel syndrome. And they found that it did indeed reduce inflammation. So that’s one therapy we can use as ultrasound.

Additional Treatment Options for Carpal Tunnel Pain

Another therapy we can use is basically just utilizing the muscles themselves using some some what we call stripping here using our hands, and then actually applying an extension of the wrist. And getting deeper into those those muscles where they’re tightness, we can feel some trigger points, and we’ll work hard on those trigger points. If if using the your hands is is not as effective, then we may use something an instrument with gentle, gentle rubbing back and forth on these areas to reduce any Myo fascial tension, that is the sleeve around the muscle that can constrict and cause irritation. So use that. And the last thing we have is something called Alpha stem. And it’s kind of a it’s a relatively unknown procedure.

Using the Alpha-Stim Device for Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Alpha-Stim is actually a non drug FDA cleared medical device that is painless and easy to use therapy. And we use this at Barley Wellness here in Fairhaven. A patient can actually take this device home and utilize it there. It’s fast x acting, it’s long lasting and has cumulative effects. It works by restoring the balance of the engineering using a painless electro micro current waveform on this waveform returns your body back to homeostasis or this these muscles back to homeostasis. Essentially we’ll take the probes and apply them gently here. There’s no There’s no discomfort, patient feels basically nothing. And we’ll apply around the wrist, turn the wrist over and do the same. The bottom of the wrist, we’ll do a cross section and then we’ll come across and do cross the wrist and on top of the wrist.

We’re Here to Help

Those are some of the therapies that you and you will get to naturally treat carpal tunnel syndrome. Like I said before, carpal tunnel syndrome many times is a surgical fix. But before surgery, it’s really wise to to seek chiropractic care here Barley Wellness and Fairhaven to reduce any type of inflammation myofascial issues or nerve issues that may be creating this carpal tunnel syndrome for you Yeah, so if you liked this video, please go ahead and forward and and like it. Thanks so much!

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