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Barley Wellness Eliminates Carpal Tunnel in Fairhaven, MA

By July 22, 2023No Comments
How Barley Wellness Eliminates Carpal Tunnel | Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel in Fairhaven, MA Near Me

How Barley Wellness Eliminates Carpal Tunnel | Chiropractor for Carpal Tunnel in Fairhaven, MA

Hey everyone, this is Dr. Dennis Barley at Barley Wellness here in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. We’re going to talk about how we take care of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful wrist, hand, forearm discomfort.

We Start With a Consultation and Exam for Your Carpal Tunnel

Here at Barley Wellness, we do things more naturally typically carpal tunnel syndrome may be treated with surgery. And at Barley Wellness, what we will do is do a consultation to see how you develop this, this discomfort and how it’s affecting your life. We’ll also dive deep into what’s creating the cause of it.

So we’ll do a complete examination to see what’s causing your carpal tunnel syndrome. From there, we will look to many areas that could potentially cause problems in the wrist. That being because the carpal tunnel which are eight bones in the wrist, that are the top of the wrist here, okay, so here, these eight bones, they slide they they’re they form a tunnel with this soft tissue underneath the bottom side of the wrist. And if that tunnel collapses, or there’s inflammation in that tunnel, it can affect an artery of vein, a nerve in there, the median nerve specifically, that can cause irritation, pain, numbness and tingling, tingling and burning in your hands, specifically your thumb, your forefinger your middle finger in the this part of your ring finger.

We Also Examine Your Spine

So we will look to the spine because the median nerve is innervated by seat and the nerve roots at C-5 through T-1. So we’ll look here in the upper back and the spine, the neck to see if you have any impingement there. We’ll also look to see if there’s any impingement along that we call the kinetic chain, not just from the neck, but down into the shoulder, you could have an impingement in here and we’ll check for that also in the elbow, and of course the wrist. So we’ll sit first with you do a consultation to find out how this is affecting you. Then we’ll examine you will examine all those areas to see where the carpal tunnel is coming from. And then from there, we will we will work with specific chiropractic adjustments for your spine for your for your extremities.

We Perform Soft Tissue Therapy

Some other work we’ll do is some soft tissue work, we’ll use some an instrument and I’ll go over these in another video but we’ll do some instrumentation on muscles that are tight on muscles that have trigger points in them. Some myofascial irritation, so we use some instrument assisted soft tissue work, we’ll do soft tissue work with with our hands only. And then we’ll we’ll we’ll use some specific modalities that may help like alch ultrasound, which has been shown that creates an anti inflammatory effect and has been shown to help carpal tunnel syndrome.

And then we’ll use something called Alpha stem which is a non drug FDA medical device that is a painless, easy to use therapy that you can use here at the office or also it’s available for home use. It’s long lasting, it’s it has a cumulative effect, and it restores the natural balance to the injured area. It’s typically painless and painless microcurrent in a in a specific form. This patented wave form actually returns all of your cells back to a normal functioning state.

So we’ll use different therapies to help you treat your carpal tunnel syndrome here at Barly Wellness

Barley Wellness

Our dedicated staff uses high-touch, high-tech advanced treatment options through a variety of medically developed programs to help you achieve your wellness objectives.

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